Marco did an awesome job on editing the latest session videos. During the evening there were some glitches, but you couldn't tell when watching the vids. Next up, we are also working on our 2020 sponsor drive. We have a few negotiations in progress and things are looking good in that area.

Jolanda has proven herself as a great addition to our team. In recent months she has hosted her first meetup from start to finish.

Bart, is what he always is. Calm collected and focussed on our long term agenda.

Jeroen will be back in januari. He has had to skip a couple meetups due to other obligations.

No Do iOS in 2019. But who knows what's in store for 2020...

We are keeping a close eye on how is developing as a platform. They have been making a few interesting moves in 2019. And we are slowly preparing our organization to open up the option of leaving if they make a move that is not in the best interest of our community.

If you have any question, suggestion or idea, be sure to have a talk with either on of us at the next meetup. And if you want to present at one of our meetups, tell us!