Thank you for a great year

Posted on December 17, 2018

What a year it turned out to be. Not only did we have meetups at many new companies, we also were able to sneak in a few extra events. We have a booked calendar for the upcoming year so as soon as final confirmations are in we’ll update our regular channels like meetup or our website. Want to be one of the first people to know? There is an app available on the appstore.

Videos and streaming

As you might already know, we also started recording our events and even stream them as much as possible. Our chief Video Marco is doing a great job and we get a lot of positive feedback for them. All videos are available on Youtube and our own Apple TV app. We added an extra tab for Do iOS videos so you can watch them all free of charge and at your own convenience. Go check out the videos in case you haven’t. We believe there is really nice stuff in there for every iOS developer. Thank you Marco!

Looking back at a great Do iOS

Next to extra meetups this year we organised our very own conference. Previous editions were hosted and organised by Xebia. Xebia donated the rights so any new edition is now up to us. We received a lot of positive reactions, made nice videos and are working out the possibility of organising one for 2019. Of course we’ll let you know as soon as possible. In case you want to stay up to date we invite you to stay subscribed to our mailinglist. Thank you Xebia.

New sponsors

We signed up new and really nice sponsors for this year. With their financial contribution we are able to build and maintain our current work and finance new projects like for example Do iOS. We couldn’t do it without our sponsors and are really happy with their support.

Thank you GetAround, ANWB, ABN AMRO, Q42, Parkmobile, Moneybird, Achmea.

Also a really big thank you for your continuing support Egeniq and Xebia.

We think we have an awesome iOS community in the Netherlands with a large variety of companies building great apps and services. In case your company would like to get involved or is interested in becoming a sponsor please get in touch with one of the organisers.


We’re currently really lucky to be able to have a filled agenda for next year. This however also puts us in the position to think of new ideas and projects. We hope your CocoaHeads experience and interaction with others will bring new and exciting projects to life too.

For example, last year, Niels and Sidney organised Swift Island as their own standalone event. If you want to stay up to date for new editions, go check out the website or ask Niels and Sidney about it next time.

In order to prevent any conflict of interest we decided to (at first temporarily) reorganise CocoaHeads so Niels and Sidney could focus on their private event. With Marco contributing every month, we decided to ask him to replace Niels in the board. Furthermore as a regular attendee of our meetups we’ve asked Jolanda to join our team too.

Thank you Niels and Sidney for your contribution and we hope to see many Swift Island events in the future.

Christmas Drinks

Our annual Christmas drinks will be on December the 19th at de bierfabriek in Amsterdam. Please check meetup for more details. No presentations, just casual talks with other developers. It’s an open and public place so we’ve set a limit at 40 to reserve two tables. In case you can’t make it we hope to see you on one of our upcoming meetups. Thank you for making 2018 a great year!

Kind regards,