Posted on May 23, 2024

Are you planning on going to [SwiftCraft in May](https://swiftcraft.uk/)? Please let us know.

We also got a nice discount code for you to use and let Phil know we sent you: COCOAHEADSNL10

[SwiftCraft](https://swiftcraft.uk/) is a brand new Swift developers' conference in the UK. In a theater, set in the coastal cliffs of Folkestone overlooking the English Channel, this is an event with more than just UIViews!

With international experts to engage, educate and entertain, [SwiftCraft](https://swiftcraft.uk/) puts the focus back on the *craft* of writing Swift code.

Looking at the line-up, a lot of familiar faces. We've talked to Phil and we can honestly say Phil has struck gold with this year's inaugural edition.

Do check out their pre-conference program as well. It's amazing. 🤩

Want to join us? RSVP on meetup right here