September @ BUX

Posted on September 27, 2017

In September we will meetup at BUX in Amsterdam.

Bux will provide our first speaker: Ian

Designing a real-time data application: a case study on the stock market

Applications that require data from real time events (such as a chat application, car location updates when you order an Uber, the stock market prices) impose their own challenges. How to receive data updates? How to store data? Can you cache data at all? How to make sure data that is constantly changing is consistent throughout the app? We’ll share our own experience at BUX on designing and coming up with an architecture to deal with these issues.

Automatically updating UI - Tom Lokhorst

Automatically updating UI’s are cool. Reactive programming can be a solution, but working with reactive streams can be quite complex. There are a lot of edges cases that you have to deal with. In this talk we’ll look at several ways of building reactive UI’s, each have their own pros and cons. And finally we’ll see how Q42 uses reactive variables to connect an apps back-end to a reactive front-end.

Standard format for the night.

Doors open at 17:00, Diner at 18:00, 1st session at 19:00, 2nd session at about 20:00, End at 21:30.

Want to join us? RSVP on meetup right here