November @ Albert Heijn

Posted on November 28, 2018

We're happy to announce that we will be visiting Albert Heijn in November this year.

More details to follow as soon as possible.

Our regular agenda applies:

18.00 doors open

19.00 first presentation

Jeroen Bouma from Albert Heijn
When working for a large corporate business, there is pretty good chance you will encounter a code base written in Objective-C. There are a number of reasons to start writing in Swift ( superior syntax & semantics, Obj-C devs harder to find, joining the future), but how do you make the switch? These projects are usually (very) long term, there is no budget to just start with a clean slate, so how do you make the transition?

Jeroen will take you on an epic journey from Objective-C to Swift, sharing the method that has been used here at Ahold Delhaize. Which architecture did we end up with, how did we replace our Objective-C components with shiny new Swift ones, what did we learn. Join us to find out.

19.45 break

20.00 second presentation

Stijn Spijker and Sander van Tulden from FlitsMeister.
🚙▶️ - At the WWDC this year, Apple announced they would open up CarPlay for developers. Flitsmeister immediately looked into this, as their users have been asking about CarPlay support for a long time. Sander and Stijn will tell us a bit about the use of the recently released CarPlay bèta-SDK. Apple has creatively solved the handling of CarPlay screens using a second UIWindow and by using special templates. The implementation looked like a piece of 🍰, but it wasn't as easy as it sounded…

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