March @ TheMobileCompany

Posted on March 30, 2016

The last week of March we will be hosted by the mobile company in Amsterdam. They kindly will be providing food and drinks in their headquarters in Amsterdam.

There will be two talks: One by the mobile company about their experiences with TvOS. More details follow later.

The other talk will be given by Dan Ursu about Viper:

What is VIPER? It is an architecture which allows iOS apps to scale, to reuse components, and allows for full testability (unlike MVC or sometimes MVVM). It answers questions like "Who should be in charge of the navigation hierarchy?", "Should a View Controller really perform requests? If not, who then?" , "How to port an iOS app to OSX with a minimum effort", "What is after all a Model?" , "Why is apple still promoting MVC?" and so on. It is based on Robert C. Martin books on clean architecture, and decouples the architecture of your app from the UI allowing you to change the UI without having to change the business logic. Test driven development on iOS is fully possible using this architecture.

Seats will be limited so please RSVP only if you intend to come. An up-to-date RSVP is important for us as it will be used in planning of seating, talks and supplies. Should your planning change please update asap for your fellow cocoaheads.

Want to know more about our host, check out themobilecompany or their vacancy.

Want to join us? RSVP on meetup right here