March @ Bakken & Baeck

Posted on March 21, 2018

We're happy to inform you our meetup on March 21st will be hosted by our new meetupsponsor Bakken & Baeck (

Our regular agenda applies:

18.00 doors open

19.00 Bakken & Baeck introduction- Marijn Schilling

Create a 3D game with Swift, in 2 days.. - Robert-Hein Hooijmans
Imagine you have a spare weekend and want to use your Swift skills for something else than fighting with a collection view.. Build a game with SceneKit! It's easy..

19.45 break

20.00 Kotlin For Swift Developers- Ellen Shapiro

Kotlin is a functional language written on top of the JVM that your Android friends are probably *really* excited about. It's got quite a bit in common with Swift, and learning to read it can help you communicate more easily with your Android team. You'll get a look at this new language from a Swift perspective - what things are the same, what things are not, and what things each language's partisans can be jealous of in the other.
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Looking forward seeing you at Bakken & Baeck

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