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Posted on June 23, 2021

Accessibility snapshots (but not the ones you’re thinking of) - Tikitu de Jager

Tikitu about his session:

"I’ll show a test utility that lets us refactor our view layer with confidence that we haven’t broken VoiceOver support, even in complex custom layouts. The tool itself is quite simple (I could probably fit it on a slide if I made the font completely unreadable) but it touches on more general accessibility best practises and on snapshot-testing techniques that go beyond pixel-perfection."

Tikitu de Jager is mobile lead at Minddistrict. He grew up in New Zealand, spent ten years in Amsterdam, and now lives in Greece. For work: Swift and Kotlin. For home: mandolin and macro photography. You can find him on Twitter (@tTikitu) and on the CocoaHeadsNL slack.

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