July @ Elastique

Posted on July 13, 2016

July we will be hosted by Elastique.

They are located in Hilversum and do lots of work for entertainment companies.

Diner and drinks are included.

Lars Lockefeer will talk about "snapshot testing"

Abstract:*​We all (should) regularly write unit tests and integration tests for our mission-critical business logic. But what about our Views? How often do you have to fix bugs and regressions in a complex view? In this talk, I will show how we tackled this problem at Picnic with the help of Snapshot testing, and which positive side-effects this has for the quality of your code.

Lars is lead iOS developer at Picnic, where he is building the Supermarket app of the future, purely written in Swift.

Lammert Westerhoff from Xebia will do the second talk of the night.

Abstract: Lammert will be talking about localizing apps. He’ll first cover some basics and will then explain the techniques he’s using in all of his apps to save a lot of time and headaches when dealing with multi language apps. At the end he’ll talk about a few more advanced localization features that you might not be aware of.

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