DO iOS 2016

Posted on November 15, 2016

Separate ticket purchase through DO iOS required

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Steve Scott macOS / iOS developer and host of the iDeveloper podcast

Ayaka Nonaka iOS Engineer @ WorkflowHQ and author of Learn Swift ↯

Jorge Ortiz Freelance developer dedicated to mobile development, security and systems architecture

Natalia Berdys Independent iOS developer from Poland.

Adrian Kosmaczewski Writer • iOS • watchOS • Swift 3 • mentor at @swiftalps

Bart den Hollander Embedded programmer turned Swifty iOS developer

Donny Wals Passionate iOS developer. Loves learning and sharing knowledge.

Rob napier Author and Cocoa programmer with a passion for the fiddly bits below the surface

Separate ticket purchase through DO iOS required


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Full disclosure:
Xebia has asked CocoaHeadsNL to be their community partner, so we are heavily involved with paper selection and general recommendations. On top of that Jeroen, who used to work at Xebia is involved with organizing DO iOS. Xebia asked Jeroen to still be involved in organizing the 2016 edition because the first 2015 edition was his brainchild.

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