May @ Moneybird

Posted on May 02, 2018

On May 2nd we will be at Moneybird in Enschede, maker of an awesome bookkeeping product (and app).

Our regular agenda applies:

18.00 Food's ready (If you are a bit early, no worries, you are welcome!)

18:45 Moneybird office tour by Joost

19.00 How to build a kick-ass document scanner, the simple way - Joost Diepenmaat
Nobody's using flatbed scanners anymore, smartphones are always in your pocket to scan invoices and bills. Today we give an in-depth view on how Moneybird built a versatile document scanner. You'll learn about the global architecture, design decisions and the algorithms underneath.

19.45 break

20.00 CocoaHeadsNL apps - Jeroen Leenarts
Unfortunately the GDPR talks needed to be postponed. Instead Jeroen will introduce you to the CocoaHeadsNL apps. (iOS and tvOS) Both are opensource and open to community contributions.

We'll start with a general overview of the apps and then dive deeper into what they are about, what our plans are with these apps and how you might be able to help us.
Please keep your RSVP up to date as always. This helps with planning and improves the meetups.

In case you can't make it but would like to see the presentations we have been testing live streaming at our last meetup. please subscribe to our youtube channel:

Their office is about a 10 minute walk from the Enschede train station.
Looking forward seeing you at Moneybird.

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