Chris Eidhof - - Live Coding

Posted on December 11, 2017

In this video Chris Eidhof was speaking at the recent CocoaHeadsNL meetup at the HvA, hosted by the Amsterdam Creatieve Industries Network. Starting from a regular quicksort function Chris codes live on stage towards a more generic function able to sort strings and numbers in swift. The CocoaHeadsNL meetup took place on 14 oktober 2015 on the Knowledge Mile. With the help of the Amsterdam Creative Industries Network. About the Knowledge Mile: The Knowledge Mile is a creative learning environment in which smart solutions to urban challenges are developed, tested and demonstrated. The Amsterdam Creative Industries Network (ACIN) is the Dutch national talent, knowledge and business network for creative industry and digital technology. ACIN was founded by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Amsterdam School of the Arts and Inholland University of Applied Sciences.