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TL;DR: Minddistrict makes a SaaS platform for mental eHealth, with web and mobile apps used by therapists and their patients. We’re building something that helps people, and the technology is pretty cool, but what’s special is that we have a bunch of kind, capable, and hardworking people who are committed to doing this really, really well. If you join us, as one of two iOS programmers on the team you’ll have significant influence both on the product and on its technical underpinnings.


We, the designers, writers and developers at Minddistrict, believe we are making a change for the better, we value writing great software, we acknowledge that it’s people that do so, and we are looking for a new team member.

If you recognize yourself in the above, keep reading, we might be looking for each other! For a look at who we are and how we work, check out this video.

The Company

Minddistrict helps people make behavioural changes. To do this, we develop our software-as-a-service platform for the mental eHealth market in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. Our customers are health organizations whose staff use our software. Our end-users are ordinary people who want to “master their own well-being”, and the therapists helping them.

Minddistrict has been growing for eight years in a row and even though we’re no longer in the start-up-phase, we still operate like one. All design and development happens in-house, our job descriptions are fluid and tend to be multidisciplinary, and we’re always looking for ways to streamline our processes and organisational structure.

The Product

Our native mobile apps (iOS & Android) give our users on-the-go access to their therapy (therapeutic content and exercises), while the web app serves both therapists and their clients.

Due to the sensitive nature of our platform’s content, customer security and privacy are key areas of focus. These go hand in hand with caring about code quality, for which we spend a significant amount of our time doing code review, automation and testing.

The Team

Our design and development team is mainly based in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, with remote members in Greece, Colombia and Waddinxveen. We are “remote-ready”, and our NL-based folk often work from home as well. (We primarily communicate in English, so you don’t need to speak Dutch to join our team.) We cultivate an atmosphere of constructive discussion: we listen to each other carefully.

The Job

Joining our team as one of two iOS developers of course means coding for the application, but also: working closely with designers to find the right balance between native behavior and cross-platform consistency; lots of input in the product-design phase of an ambitious roadmap; and helping team leads balance technical debt and experimentation against product progress.

We cultivate a culture of learning, which is especially relevant for this position because of the changes Swift is bringing with it. We write new application code in Swift, and are gradually migrating the existing Objective-C codebase. Like everyone else using Swift, we’re negotiating the balance between stability and experimentation: as one of the two developers working in the Swift codebase, your influence will be significant. As part of this culture of learning, there is also ample room within the company for open-source contributions, attending (or speaking at) conferences, and similar activities.

Of course there’s much more to your contribution to the product than pure coding. Every new team member brings along a new set of interests, skills and aspirations, and there are always opportunities to fill roles outside your core speciality. Some of our coders help customers integrate with our API, while others do DevOps, or talk to end users to collect and prioritise feature requests.

In short: we’re looking for someone who (a) knows how to code their way out of a paper bag in Swift, but just as importantly (b) is flexible and open to the parts of the job that aren’t simply coding. Does this sound like you?

Here is a link to Minddistrict’s Homeron page…

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