I’ll make sure we have soccer running from 18:00. So we won’t miss anything during dinner. And you won’t have that as an excuse not to come join us. :)

This months CocoaHeadsNL meeting will be in Amersfoort at Sogeti. Location details are on the meetup page.

During this meetup we’re going to try something new. Just to mix things up a little. I am planning on doing an open floor evening.

So bring you laptops! During the evening we’re going to talk about the new stuff announced during the WWDC. And together we’ll try and make something of it.

Perhaps you have been doing something with “the new stuff” already? Please take the opportunity to share that with us! It would be wonderful if a few people can show their progress with extensions or the new interface builder features or whatever is new in the iOS 8 and OSX 10.10 SDKs.

Maybe you are very proud of your current project? Talk about it. Tell us what part your most fond of. And show some code if possible.

At the start of the evening if you have a topic to talk about. Be it 5 minutes, 10 minutes or more… approach me and I’ll compile a list and schedule everyone if possible. Think Ted Style shorts type of evening, but then with Apple dev stuff.

I’ll make sure to have some slides ready to introduce everything and get everybody in the knowledge sharing mind-set.

Right after the soccer we will dig into stuff.

It’s a bit short notice… but we’re hosting a Keynote party at App Academy during the Apple Keynote.

Doors open at 18:00, Keynote starts at 19:00.

App Academy has graciously donated a room, beamer and internet to show the keynote on.

We are assuming Apple will provide a live stream. If by any chance that’s not the case we will fall back to social media and other well known websites.

Also of note, my employer, Xebia has offered to sponsor some drinks and some food during the evening.

Hey everybody, we’re on meetup now. I’m planning on moving away from EventBrite. Meetup just offers so much more interesting features. I couldn’t resist. Last night nobody raised any eyebrows when I mentioned my intentions, so here goes… :)

21st May meeting in Amsterdam

Hello everybody, typing this while listening to a TextKit session on the UIKonf. Due to some workload I did not get around to putting this online earlier.

We will be hosted by MindDistrict.

On the 21st Ash Furrow will talk about UICollectionViews. He’ll give us the nitty gritty on that. Jan-Jaap Driesen will talk about appium on iOS (and android).

Yes that’s on wednesday.

MindDistrict will be hosting us at their “training/conference room”. You should take the entrace of restaurant ‘Tot zo’. Address info.

MindDistrict will provide pizza and drinks for 40 people max. So please make sure to register, I’m expecting and hoping the available seats will go fast.

RSVP can be done, as always, on EventBrite

May meeting at MindDistrict

Since this months meeting didn’t happen, I started working on next months meetup.

It’ll be on a wednesday this time round, the 21st of may. So mark it down everybody.

It’s gonna be awesome. Jan-Jaap from mind district has agreed to host us with pizza, beer and cola. Epic indeed… :)

Jan-Jaap or one of his peers will tell us about MindDistrict’s approach to automated testing with Appium. This should be interesting. And I’ll be closely watching this to see if there’s anything I can bring back to my own project. I’d like to call everybody out to be open about the details of their testing approach during the evening. There is a lot we can learn from each other and a lot we can gain by doing automated testing in a cool fashion.

Also I am very happy to announce the second speaker of the evening: Ash Furrow has agreed to come and talk. His topic is still a bit of a surprise, but knowing Ash, it’ll be good one, interesting to all people present.

In a few weeks I will post the announcement.

Also, use the cocoaheadsnl google group to plan meetings and give shout-outs to what you are doing during Appril: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/cocoaheadsnl

No meeting this month

We’ve had a venue lined up hosting us yesterday. But unfortunately they had to cancel due to deadline crunch they were suffering.

I was unable to come up with an alternative. But considering it is Appril there is plenty to do this month.

Also for next month MindDistrict will host us in Amsterdam and let’s make that one a fantastic meet up so we can quickly forget about not meeting this month.

Also if you would like to lend a helping hand with the CocoaHeadsNL send me a message. (Twitter handle: leenarts )

18 March meeting in Amsterdam

This time round NRC will be hosting us.

On the 18th we will have two interesting presentations. Thomas Visser from Touchwonders will tell us more about Auto Layout. In an attempt to mediate a resolution of the troubled relationship that many members of our community have with Auto Layout, Thomas will talk about his experience with Auto Layout, the basics of Auto Layout and some of the more advanced stuff.”

Jos Jong is going to talk about AppCode. XCode obviously is an essential part of iOS and OS X development. But since 2013 AppCode, JetBrains’ alternative, seem to be in growing favor with some developers. Does it really help to improve productivity? Can you do without XCode anyway?

NRC will be hosting us at Rokin 65 in a room with a view on the 6th floor. When entering, please indicate to the staff that you are here for the CocoaHeads meeting. They will direct you accordingly. Parking is best to be done 10 doors down the street in a public parking garage at Pink Parking. Public transport is also a great option, it stops right at the front door.

Also, please note NRC has provided us with a limited budget for drinks only. There is a restaurant available on the premises where a simple meal can be obtained for a fee. Once the budget is gone, please be prepared to pay a bit for your next drink. So either bring some cash or your own drinks and food. If someone is willing to sponsor some drinks or more, please let me know. I’ll arrange that with Niels from NRC.

Niels asked me to point you guys at a job opening at NRC they have available.

RSVP can be done, as always, on EventBrite